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New performance films for variable information printing from Innovia Films

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article image New performance films for Variable Information Printing

Innovia Films  has expanded its range of specialty biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films for variable information printing.

Among the new films being showcased at LabelExpo Europe is Rayoface WTR, a white label film with a unique proprietary topcoat which significantly reduces print temperature requirements and increases print speed and line efficiencies even for the most difficult to print resin ribbons, as well as a wide range of wax/resin systems.

Says Richard Southward, business development manager for labels: “This new topcoat performs fantastically for thermal transfer printing, far outstripping the current market leaders”.

Rayoface WTR is a white pigmented film giving optimal processing efficiencies for fast, high speed conversion and printing.

Its sister film, Rayoface VTR, has the same top coating, but on a high yield cavitated base film for further enhanced print speeds. Print temperatures can also be reduced because of the insulator effect of the cavitated film.

Innovia Films white cavitated variable information printing facestock films are UV stabilised to withstand extended outdoor exposure.

In addition to the new TR coated films, Innovia Films has enhanced its TT coated range.

The TT coating used has been designed to improve smudge and scratch resistance when using wax/resin and wax ribbons to reduce final label costs.

Innovia Films has also introduced a new thicker Rayoface VTT which at 85 microns is suitable for hand-applied label applications.

For a bar code to be readable across a wide range of scanners, it must retain a minimum ANSI grade C. To ensure consistent barcode performance and quality, the market demands that barcodes printed by thermal transfer must attain a minimum verification of an ANSI grade A or B off the printer.

Consistently, the whole Innovia Films range gives increased print speeds at reduced print head burn temperatures providing ANSI grade A (or ISO 4.0).

All Innovia Films BOPP label face stock is produced using a bubble process which provides a range of technical benefits for laminators, printers and die-cutters as well as end-users.

Bubble produced film has similar characteristics in both the machine (MD) and transverse (TD) directions. High MD film stiffness means consistent lamination and ease of label dispensing while balanced orientation promotes consistent die-cutting and reduced die-wear.

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