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NatureFlex Packaging Film from Innovia Films is a Chip off the Old Block

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article image Boulder Canyon’s potato chip package incorporates metallised NatureFlex NKM from Innovia Films

Innovative packaging used by Boulder Canyon Natural Foods, a leading North American snack food manufacturer in its new line of All Natural Kettle Cooked Potato Chips is attracting a lot of attention.  

Boulder Canyon has introduced their new line of potato chips in renewable, fully compostable bags made from a structure that incorporates metallised NatureFlex NKM from Innovia Films .  

The new packs look, feel and sound the same as traditional, non-compostable bags, but are completely compostable and made from NatureFlex, a cellulose-based flexible film manufactured from renewable wood pulp, sourced from plantations with FSC or similar certification.  

The flexible packaging film contains over 90% renewable content as measured by ASTM 6866 and is also compostable in both home and industrial settings, meeting the requirements of ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standards by composting within six weeks.  

Steve Sklar, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Boulder Canyon says that their company is committed to providing natural foods free of additives and artificial ingredients that are healthy for consumers as well as the environment.  

By adopting the new compostable packaging films, Boulder Canyon maintains that commitment by setting a positive example for industry while enabling consumers to play a role in diverting waste away from landfills.  

In addition to being compostable, NatureFlex packaging film is also confirmed as suitable for emerging 'waste to energy' techniques such as anaerobic digestion.  

Genpak, the Canadian-based packaging converter that spearheaded the research and development of the Boulder Canyon bag, called on long-time partner Innovia Films to supply the film used in the packing.   

Genpak Development Manager, Bill Reilly says that they recommended NatureFlex to Boulder Canyon for reasons such as product performance and quality as well as the material’s eco alignment with Boulder Canyon’s sustainability goals.  

He adds that the packaging film performs well technically and has excellent moisture, gas and light barrier properties that enhance shelf life and protect the product.  

NatureFlex packaging films offer advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss as well as resistance to grease and oil.  

NatureFlex packaging films are suitable for packaging confectionery, bakery goods, fresh produce, dried goods, snacks, household products and personal care items.

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