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Innovia Films joins forces with Sappi Fine Paper Europe for sustainable packaging solutions

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article image The new laminate structure made using products from Sappi and Innovia Films is home compostable and made from renewable resources

Innovia Films  has partnered with Sappi Fine Paper Europe to demonstrate potential laminate structures suitable for end users in the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries.    

Both companies recognise that the best end-of-life options for flexible paper/film laminates are industrial, home composting or ultimately anaerobic digestion, which turns waste into a useful energy source, compared to current landfill or incineration solutions.  

Innovia Films with its NatureFlex product range, brings its unique expertise in manufacturing renewable and compostable cellulose-based films with tailored moisture and barrier properties. Innovia is a specialist producer of security films, coated packaging, overwrap as well as biodegradable and compostable films.   

Sappi brings its expertise in manufacturing flexible packaging papers, offering coated and uncoated compostable paper options. While Algro Nature is a unique compostable one side coated paper, Leine Nature is an uncoated equivalent, which is also compostable.  

The Sappi and Innovia products have been independently tested and have received the ‘OK Compost Home’ certification by Vinçotte in addition to the compostability DIN E13432 certification by DIN CERTCO.  

Trials have now begun with converters to demonstrate the capabilities of these laminates in terms of sustainability, compostability and technical packaging solutions.  

Trials have been made on both extrusion and adhesive laminate systems, targeting end users who are seeking alternatives to existing non-compostable structures.  

According to John Fell, Global Marketing Director for Innovia Films, both companies are committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions based on renewable and recyclable forest products, as and when they become available.

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