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Innovia Films introduces improved metallic label facestock film

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Innovia Films  has announced the introduction of an improved metallised, top coated BOPP label facestock film Rayofoil MCPA.

Brand managers want more and more from a label. It has to provide a desirable level of product differentiation as well as create added value, thus ensuring an enhanced shelf appeal in the battle for maximum consumer awareness.

Designers and printers are always on the look out for label facestock as well as inks and surface finishes, which give an added dimension.

The no-label look is well known and is the mainstay of transparent label facestock and filmic liners. Another aesthetic that has gained much interest is the metallic-look and it continues to show impressive growth rates.

The demand for the metallic-look across a whole host of products remains high. From a label perspective, the high demand remains in the beverage and health and personal care markets, where there is strong need for label facestock that incorporates the required aesthetics.

For the self-adhesive label market, Innovia Films offers a reverse side metallised product.

The use of new polypropylene polymer systems has allowed a product which retains base film clarity, to view the reverse metal surface through the film, but has significantly increased metal adhesion to the base polymer.

Customers will continue to enjoy the cost benefit of a ready-to-run metallised facestock film, the wide ranging and robust printability of Innovia Films topcoat with the added assurance of improved quality and metal adhesion to the film.

Richard Southward, business development manager for labels says: “Together with the fantastic printability of our topcoat, the new and improved MCPA brings a new dimension to Innovia Films’ metallised label film robustness, whilst ensuring the fundamental appearance aesthetics are maintained".

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