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Cellophane brings savings for fresh yeast producer

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article image Fleischmann yeast is now wrapped in Cellophane 360MSB packaging.

LATIN America's leading producer of fresh yeast has cut water loss from its product by nearly 50% after switching to cellophane packaging from waxed paper packaging.

AB Brazil now wraps all its Fleischmann yeast in Cellophane 360MSB from Innovia Films and says product quality and shelf life have been improved as a result.

The company, part of Associated British Foods plc, has also been able to cut energy costs by reducing storage temperatures from -11°C to -5°C following the move to Cellophane.

The white Cellophane MSB used by AB Brazil is rapidly becoming the industry standard for yeast wrapping in Latin America .

Manufactured from renewable wood pulp, it is coated to provide a high barrier to moisture and gases to control the amount of carbon dioxide (CO²) and water (H²O) produced within the pack during stocking and distribution. This ensures the activity of the yeast is maximised when it comes to be used.

Cellophane MSB also provides a good strong seal without the need for excessive pressure or heat so there is no risk of burning the yeast at the packing stage, which would damage both product and pack appearance .

The film has a crisp, glossy appearance and can be printed using all the conventional printing processes.

Cellophane handles well on high speed packing lines. The Fleischmann 500g packs are, for instance, wrapped at some 65 packs/min. It has a wide operating window for heat sealing, controlled slip and its lack of resistance to cutting means reduced knife wear.

Equally important, Cellophane offers a complete bacteriological barrier that is essential because fresh yeast is highly susceptible to all kinds of external contaminants.

Micro-perforated plastics or highly porous paper wrappers provide very limited protection from microbiological contamination, while Cellophane keeps yeast free from external impurities.

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