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article image The CO56 tachometer.

THE CO56 is an intelligent tachometer/rate meter that is supplied in a 72x144mm panel mount enclosure with sealed weatherproof front plate that generates a 5 digit LED display of 25mm digit height and utilises an internal timebase with software correction for high accuracy.

All functions of the instrument are programmable from the front panel by touch buttons with tactile feedback. Variables are stored in eeprom memory.

The instrument will accept input signals from dry contact closure, open collector transistor proximity sensors, magnetic pickups and voltage pulse.

The signals can be from single to multiple pulses per revolution with conversion factors in software to read out in engineering units. A setpoint relay with changeover contacts is also available as standard.

The instrument can be run from either 120/240V ac or 9-36V dc and incorporates a 24V dc transducer power supply allowing remote sensors to be driven directly from the instrument saving the cost of an extra power supply and wiring.

In a manufacturing environment the Innovec CO56 tachometer gives factory management and inspection authorities a cost effective means of monitoring drive shaft or conveyor belt speeds, allowing greater control over process conditions.

The CO56 tachometer is part of Innovec's EMC compliant intelligent product range and is designed and manufactured in Australia.

It is supplied in a panel mount enclosure with weatherproof front plate and incorporates a 5 digit LED display with a character height of 25mm. Innovec Controls 02 9968 2595.

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