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Pouch pouring spouts and drinking straws from Innovatra

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The pouch pouring spouts provided by Innovatra are widely used by many industries. These reclosable pouring spouts from Innovatra are supplied in different styles and diameter. All the pouring spouts offered by Innovatra are suitable for packing various products such as detergents, liquid products, beverages, icing sugar, sweets, soups, cooking stocks, confectionary, creams and many more.

Innovatra also provides various types of drinking straws. These drinking straws can also be obtained from Innovatra in different lengths and styles. However, these drinking straws can also be customised to suit specific requirements on specific requests.

Some of the drinking saws available from Innovatra are article straws, flexible straws, periscope straws, telescopic straws, spoon straws, z-shape drinking straws, u-shape drinking straws, spoon straws and i-shaped drinking straws.

Innovatra offers various products with lids that meet the requirement of an easy peel product or a strong seal. Innovatra offers a wide range of tailor made lidded products for customers.

Both roll-fed and die-cut lid products are provided by Innovatra in various specifications and gauges. Recessed lids, aluminium foil lids, easy-peel lids, lacquered lids and laminates are also supplied by Innovatra. These products are used in the beverage industry on a large scale as the lid provides a specific solution to seal. It also protects the product against water vapour, oxygen and light.

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