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Enclosed belt conveying systems available from Innovative conveying Systems International

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Innovative Conveying Systems International (ICSI) has been developing its unique and revolutionary materials handling technology for use in various industries including mining and construction for over a decade.

The Managing Director, Michael Pietsch, stated that “Rather than have your processes dictated by the limits of your conventional conveying system, ICSI provides you with a conveying system dictated by your processes. The fundamental premise behind the Innovative Conveying System (ICS) is of adaptability and its modular design which lets you tailor your system to suit the requirements of the application”.

This feature of the ICS was evident when Baileys Fertilisers, a respected and prominent manufacturer of high quality fertilisers, potting mixes and mulches, requested a conveyor to replace their existing system to transfer granulated fertiliser (used on lawns and gardens) from the load point to the screening facility.

“Our Maintenance Manager, Ken Law, and I approached ICSI to discuss the need for a conveying system that eliminated dust and spillage” David Bonfield, Baileys Fertilisers General Manager stated. “This is in line with our policy of constantly looking to improve safety and working conditions as well as reducing environmental impact.”

After viewing ICSI’s demonstration conveying system and initial discussions with Michael Pietsch and Dror Pietsch (ICSI Business Development Manager), Baileys Fertilisers established that the ICS could achieve this outcome.

Due to the fact that the required conveying rate is small and the path radius is tight, ICSI chose to employ their recently developed mini system for this project.

The belt will be loaded at just above ground level running along the drying oven face chute before negotiating a compound curve of 90 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical within a radius of 1 metre.

The ICS mini belt is only 125mm in diametre when closed but can still handle a respectable 70 tph of material with a bulk density of 1, running at 2 metres per second and filled to 80 percent.

For this application however, the belt speed will be a slow 0.25 m/s which will give the product time to cool and harden before being discharged onto the screen.

Michael Pietsch said “The ability of the ICS to convey materials around tight curves as well as the high angle capability eliminated the requirement for a transfer point and a second conveyor, which would have been an essential requirement if using conventional belt technology”.

The system will be supplied and installed by ICSI, with the project due for completion by the end of July 2007.

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