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Innov8 Asia Pacific offers asset management services

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The asset management services provided by Innov8 Asia Pacific are highly efficient and help customers tracking the data. Even the data can also be made available for the right person, at the right time with the help of these asset management services.

Innov8 Asia Pacific offers a complete module of asset management services that ensures no disruptions to the operations and it also improves the performance of various mission-critical assets.

Asset Management Module designed by Innov8 Asia Pacific not only automates and streamlines all the major asset operations, but also ensures no costly disruptions to the entire operations. This module also bridges the gap between engineering and maintenance by integrating enterprise asset management and engineering content management services.

Engineering content integration is managed by Meridian Enterprise at Innov8 Asia Pacific. This content integration takes place specifically to enterprise assets that are managed by well known maintenance, enterprise asset and facility management solution providers such as Famis, Maximo, Ultimo, Datastream and others.

These asset management services provided by Innov8 Asia Pacific help customers managing production assets efficiently. However, asset related documentation also has to be done carefully so as to avail all the benefits of asset management services.

At Innov8 Asia Pacific, technical asset formation and management is also given due importance to quickly resume the production in the event of any disruptions.

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