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InnoFuture 2008 business conference to be held in Melbourne

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article image Margaret Manson, Chief Inspirator of InnoFuture

InnoFuture 2008 conference is to be held during 9 - 10 September 2008 at the Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia.

“Innovation is about people and passion for excellence. It is about thinking differently that comes from embracing broad, global thinking and opening the horizons beyond narrow disciplines. It is about breaking boundaries and venturing from the comfortable middle to the cutting edge, to the intersections of industires, professions and cultures.”

“InnoFuture 2008 aims to present a holistic way of thinking about innovation by bringing together world’s best resources to provide some answers and importantly, help ask the right questions. Attend InnoFuture 2008 program and learn how to out-innovate the competition. I invite you to play an active part in the Australian Renaissance!” says Margaret Manson, Chief Inspirator of InnoFuture .

Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte [TBC] says “People and only people can imagine, create and innovate. The truth is that every person, every organisation and every country is capable of innovation to ensure progress, growth and sustainable future.”

“Deloitte have embarked on the innovation journey just over five years ago, driven by an absolute belief that innovation is the only way to gain competitive advantage in the rapidly commoditising business environment. We adopted a steep learning curve, reluctantly lowering the communication barriers and opening the flow of information from the outside world.”

“This has taken us to new places and brought us new knowledge we now apply for ourselves and for our clients. Our investment in innovation has brought us multiple returns. InnoFuture is our investment in the innovation capacity of our staff and our clients.”

“We believe that innovation is not a destination but a lifelong journey of learning and discovery. We and our customers are on this journey together. We invite you to join us in this journey for a rewarding InnoFuture experience.”

Gavin Jennings MLC, Victorian Minister for Innovation says, “Globally, over two-thirds of wealth is generated through knowledge and service industries. The economies thriving in this environment are ones that think beyond traditional, commoditised goods and services. The key to a sustainable future for all Victorians and for Australia is to build an intellectual infrastructure in which ideas, creativity, and innovation flourish.”

“Working together through networks that connect ideas and people is central to building an internationally competitive economy that will secure our long-term quality of life. That is why we are pleased to sponsor the InnoFuture 08 conference, with its focus on encouraging innovation through collaboration, information sharing and mutual support.”

Dr Terry Cutler, the Chairman of National Innovation Review said, “Australia is now part of the connected global economy and we need to build capacity to solve global problems and to exploit vast opportunities beyond our shores. Structured innovative thinking and practice is a new discipline which applies equally to business, art, education, social services and governments.

“We cannot solve new or future problems with old methods and thinking. I am pleased to support the vision of InnoFuture 2008. It is a world-class knowledge forum that embraces leading innovation practices and provides inspiration and an important network for the innovation community to connect locally and globally.”

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