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InnoFuture 2007 national business innovation conference held

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InnoFuture  2007 is a high profile national business innovation conference. InnoFuture 2007 reveals the insights and tools used by global leaders in business, government and creative industries to develop and implement groundbreaking strategies and ideas, to ensure business sustainability and economic prosperity for Australia.

Innovation is not just the new buzzword. Innovative companies systematically outperform in shareholder value and profitability.

Businesses are typically focused on product innovation, yet it is the business process and culture that guarantee sustainable competitive advantage.

The real challenge is how to create and nurture innovative organisations to deliver sustainable innovation, i.e. more reliable, consistent and faster.

InnoFuture 2007 is a cutting edge innovation and ideas conference that has been designed to stimulate, provoke and inspire Australian businesses to systematically generate and take to market new and original ideas and to develop own systems for continuous innovation in products, services and culture.

Despite perceptions of innovation as a creative art born out of an eureka moment, InnoFuture 2007 looks at how the intersection of art and science leads to innovation the processes used by global thought leaders to achieve innovation and give participants the tools to innovate on demand.

Targeting business strategists, consultants, designers, futurists, and service and marketing managers, sustainability, R&D and product/service development managers anyone responsible for carving new business frontiers across all industries, InnoFuture 2007 provides the map to inventive thought.

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