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Infralight Technology supplies ultraviolet water disinfection systems, uv water treatment systems,uv lamps and systems, ozone lamps and systems, uv curing and printing lamps, uv curing equipment, infrared heating equipment, power controllers, SCRs, thyristors, ballasts.


Supplier news
03/10/12 - Infralight Technology supplies amalgam ultraviolet germicidal lamps that deliver up to 3 times the UVC output (254nm) of standard low pressure UVC lamps.
Supplier news
21/01/09 - Infralight Technology have released SCR digital power controllers from Para Ente Korea. SCR digital power controllers can provide safety and accuracy to heating and production processes.
Supplier news
31/10/08 - Infralight Technology are major suppliers of ultraviolet lamps and equipments. Infralight Technology have recently released the new longlige amalgam lamp for use in wastewater treatment systems. Infralight Technology supply amalgam ultraviolet germic

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