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Next-generation patch management solution

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INFOTRONICS Software Pty Ltd and St Bernard Software have released UpdateEXPERT Premium, an advanced policy-based patching solution that greatly simplifies and speeds patch management of large distributed systems.

The system includes automated security settings capabilities at no extra charge to provide a unique, affordable solution.

UpdateEXPERT Premium is critical for ensuring system protection against debilitating threats, costly data loss and legal liabilities associated with regulatory compliance.

With an average of 50 major software vulnerabilities discovered each week (Source: Network Computing, September 14, 2005), it is imperative to keep systems updated.

Administrators must test patch interdependencies before deploying in order to assure they don't break systems. In addition, the complexity of heterogeneous systems that include Windows, Linux, databases and applications from several vendors, makes patch management a highly critical component to companies' overall security strategy.

As the first complete approach to patch management, including security settings management, UpdateEXPERT Premium defines the next-generation of patching.

Security settings templates based on industry best practices such as NIST, NSA, Microsoft, CIS and CSE, are included in the product. UpdateEXPERT Premium offers many new features:

* Multi-user rights and roles - Defines user roles such as administrator, auditor or policy manager, so rights including query machine management, patch deployment and reporting, are then assigned to each role.

* Wake on LAN - Optionally boots powered-off machines for patch installation performed during off hours to assure successful patching of all systems.

* Central management of distributed patch servers - Administrators in distributed organisations can simultaneously perform operations across all UpdateEXPERT Premium master agents. This greatly simplifies routine tasks such as query, patch deployment and reporting for multiple operating systems, servers, applications, databases and policy compliance.

* Notification of specific events - Administrators can set up email notification of the completion or failure of events including installation, query, validation, database updates and reporting.

* Dependency viewer - A simple right-mouse-click displays patch dependency and supercedence information on each update.

* Filtered views of managed machines - Users can view and manage just the machines that meet defined criteria including last query, IP range, agent type, profile and other attributes.

* Security settings management - Allows administrators to easily create, enforce and report on industry standard or customised security policies for services, registry, file system and local security settings.

* Intelligent security settings assessments - Scan security settings against multiple expert recommendations and discover only those vulnerabilities relevant to the target machine's role (ie ‘ftp settings enabled’ won't be reported on an ftp server).

UpdateEXPERT Premium includes St Bernard Software's industry-leading patch database that contains intelligence on thousands of patches, hotfixes and service packs.

The database is carefully analysed and tested for interdependencies to deploy, validate and install reliably.

Administrators can even add their own patches for custom applications.

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