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Toray Membrane USA implement Infor ERP Visual to enhance operational visibility

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Toray Membrane USA, (TMUS), water treatment manufacturers, have implemented Infor ERP Visual at their new Poway, California facility to support the company’s operations, from planning and sourcing to manufacturing and delivery. TMUS, a division of Japan-based Toray Industries, selected Infor Visual for its business-specific functionality, which includes data management, order quote generation and product traceability. The solution helps the company manage regulatory compliance, improve customer service and gain greater visibility into its operations.

The flexibility, visibility and scalability of the Visual software, developed by Infor, help businesses in improving their quality management strategies.

Infor ERP Visual provides a comprehensive view of manufacturing processes, allowing TMUS to define quality test plans and record the results for quality assurance, which helps the company to reduce production problems and increase overall product quality. In the event of a quality issue, TMUS can trace the underlying problem back to the originating action or transaction and then make appropriate adjustments before minor issues become major. This level of control over the production process means that TMUS is better able to mitigate quality issues, reduce scrap materials and ensure a higher level of customer service.

Additionally, Infor ERP Visual’s inherent financial functionality allows TMUS to consolidate accounting activities, which ensures seamless integration of accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger data. This strengthens the company’s internal controls and helps it meet stringent compliance requirements.

Role-specific interfaces allow employees to activate customised menus of information, making data searching and retrieval faster. Employees can quickly make informed decisions, enhancing both order management and customer service, while increasing employee productivity.

Infor ERP Visual is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that provides enterprising manufacturers with a holistic visibility into business-critical processes, enabling them to successfully compete in the global manufacturing environment.

Infor ERP Visual provides manufacturers an extensive integrated solution to source, plan, make, and deliver their products. The solution gives businesses powerful management capabilities through a built-in workflow system, allowing them to build and implement the controls they require. More than 4,000 manufacturers globally depend on Visual to gain insight into their supply chain, improve compliance management and support lean initiatives.

Toray Membrane’s products are used in the water desalination and treatment market to remove various contaminants from water. End-users of Toray’s products include major municipalities worldwide, sewage treatment facilities, and various heavy industries. Toray manufacturer all four classes of water treatment membranes - reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

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