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SSA Global Technologies has announced an OEM agreement with Logility, a leading supplier of business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions to optimise the supply chain. SSA GT markets and supports the Logility Voyager Solutions suite as ‘BPCS Collaborative Commerce powered by Logility’.

The suite is designed to help SSA GT customers develop collaborative communities with internal and external business partners and more effectively manage supply chain operations.

BPCS Collaborative Commerce provides the necessary tools that enable companies to balance, optimise, forecast and plan at a detailed level.

By incorporating Logility's proven products into the BPCS offering, SSA GT has the technology to meet increased customer demands for comprehensive supply chain solutions designed for ease of use, rapid implementation and robust collaboration.

Working in conjunction with the BPCS enterprise system, this new suite of products provides measurable and rapid ROI through advanced planning and optimisation in the areas of collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment; demand, supply, inventory, transportation and factory optimisation; and advanced warehouse management.

By implementing BPCS Collaborative Commerce, SSA GT customers can experience increased supply chain visibility, which helps improve flexibility and responsiveness to changes in demand and supply conditions, significantly reducing planning efforts and optimising inventory investments.

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