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Infor launch Supply and Operating Planning supply chain software

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Infor  have announced the launch of Infor Sales and Operations Planning, the supply chain software that offers a holistic approach to supply chain management by integrating demand, inventory, supply and production planning and scheduling across the global supply chain to drive profitability.

The supply chain software has been purpose built for the unique needs of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who are increasingly being challenged to quickly, accurately and more profitably adjust operations to address shifting demand as the global economy improves.

Workflows integrate data from throughout the supply chain providing clarity into cuurent trend demands, historical demand data and key indicators in shifts in demand which means that supply and demand can be more accurately aligned. Early insights and proactive decision-making can better align production and distribution with the biggest opportunities for revenue.

As the first dedicated sales and operations planning solution to integrate extensive ‘what if’ scenario building tools directly into decision-making workflows, Infor’s supply chain software can forecast the impact of decisions before they are made.

Potential costs, margins and profit impacts can be weighed against potential changes to the business with Infor’s Sales and Operations Planning supply chain software as it integrates financial data and impact modelling directly into workflows.

Infor’s supply chain software allows informed decisions and business solutions based on accurate, up-to-date demand data which can significantly contribute to gross margin levels by maximising revenue for specific product lines and reducing costs through more intelligent asset utilisation.

The stand alone business software solution can be used independently or integrated with supply chain management systems from Infor and most third party providers.

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