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In depth analysis of inventory stock levels

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SSA Global Technologies has announced the availability of Inventory Analysis, the third product released in the BPCS Enterprise Performance Analytics (EPA) suite.

Powered by Cognos Analytic Applications, this new solution allows companies to manage the cost of owning inventory, review stock levels, identify opportunities to optimise inventory levels and improve operational performance.

This solution enables companies to evaluate six key areas of analysis to answer more than 450 critical business questions including questions such as the average corporate investment in stock; the amount of inventory in each warehouse; if inventory has been meeting demand in each region; and which items have incurred the most zero stock days.

The six key areas of analysis are:

* Stock Overview and Valuation Analysis - understand current inventory investment and how it is distributed.

* Material Movement Activity Analysis - analyse stock movement in and out of inventory and within the organisation for an understanding of how receipts, issues and transfers relate to stock levels, shortages, and processes.

* Demand Analysis - determine whether stock levels and fluctuations are meeting customer demand.

* Material Reservation Analysis - avoid unnecessary excess stock and shape inventory policy on reserved stock.

* Physical Inventory Analysis - determine the level of inventory accuracy.

* Inventory Forecast Analysis - improve the ability to forecast stock levels through an understanding of the effectiveness of past forecasting.

With Inventory Analysis, companies can examine any aspect of their inventory including vendor, material, material group, warehouse, region, status and many other perspectives to give them a clear understanding of consumption, turns, returns, material movements, units or cash, in averages or spreads.

Additionally, Inventory Analysis uses more than 85 key performance indicators (KPIs) and more than 45 reports to gain an in-depth understanding of inventory metrics.

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