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Mining and Industrial Automation solutions from Infotronix

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Infotronix  is an Australian company which is involved in the advancement and application of new technology into heavy industry and thrives to provide customised products and solutions. Some of the solutions for mining and industrial automation provided by Infotronix include reporting and data analysis products, hazardous area products, automation solution and ethernet based communications and networking solutions.

Under reporting and data analysis products, Infotronix provides Continuous Miner Performance Analysis Tools, Mining Process Improvement Tools, WEB based Reporting Software and Data Visualisation and Storage tools.

The Continuous Miner Performance Analysis Tools from Infotronix helps in data logging and reporting system which provides analysis and reporting on both the operational and bolting performance of a continuous miner.

Operational based reporting include performance metrics of cutting cycles, pumps, cutters, bolter utilisation, bolt while cutting ratio, average cycle time, average shuttle car delay and so on.

The Data Visualisation and Storage tools from Infotronix is a state of the art business intelligent and reporting tool which helps in sharing information across Internet or intranet. Data Visualisation and Storage tool is an easy and powerful tool which enables any person familiar with Microsoft standard office software to generate meaningful real time reports.

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