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New from Infotronix is a range of Broadband Power Line Modems for Mining applications. Also known as (BPLM) the broadband power line modems extend your current communication network into previously unreachable areas. Using proven technology, the BPLM transfers high speed data over your existing power cabling.

  • High bandwidth, long distance communication over power line
  • Ethernet, MIMO WiFi and Fibre Optic interface
  • Flexible and powerful routing capabilities
  • Rugged enclosure for harsh environments
  • Compatible with all types of cable
  • Couplers are rated to 1kV, with category 3 overvoltage rating

Ideal for Mining Applications
The common application is to provide communications to underground mining equipment.

This allows:
  • Monitoring mobile electrical machinery
  • Extending communications to remote or temporary equipment
  • Harsh environments unsuitable for fragile data cables
  • Confined or inaccessible areas where adding additional cabling is unfeasible
  • Multipath underground wireless communication

Broadband Power line Modem Features and selling points
  • Uses a Master-Slave topology
  • Suitable for simple point-to-point links or complex networks
  • Repeaters can be used to extend links over many kilometres
  • Built-in network controller is capable of flexible and complex routing
  • Compatible with STP, VLAN and Bandwidth Management
  • WiFi interface is capable of MIMO connections, improving its range, reliability
  • and throughput in underground environments
  • Rugged enclosure allows deployment in harsh industrial environments
  • An Ex d approved flameproof enclosure is available for underground coal mining environments

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