Industrial Torches

Industrial xenon, halogen, HID and LED rechargeable and non rechargeable torches/flashlights, portable worklights, headlamps and handheld search light.


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02/06/08 - A range of rechargeable emergency torches and lanterns that switch on automatically when mains power fails has been released by Montville Creative Products.
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14/07/06 - RECOIL LED Technology creates a brilliant collimated beam by shining a 1-watt Luxeon LED backwards at a parabolic mirror to harness 100% of the generated light. This avoids the annoying dark spots and irregular and scattered beam patterns provided by
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23/01/06 - MONTVILLE Creative Products’ 2630 headlamp features a battery power indicator and a switch to select 25, 50 or 100% light output so that illumination appropriate to the viewing distance can be selected. This facility ensures that battery life can be
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26/10/05 - FIREFIGHTERS were recently asked to specify their requirements for the ideal torch and the manufacturer, Streamlight, produced a torch to meet these requirements. This is not a torch based on what the
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Golight Lightwave Maxabeam Pelican

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