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Wastewater treatment equipment and services from Industrial Separation Systems

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Industrial Separation Systems  designs, manufactures and supplies a range of wastewater treatment equipment and related services. Some of the widely used equipment supplied by Industrial Separation Systems include oil water separators, grease separators, control panels, oil skimmers, recycle systems, grease arrestors, storm water interceptors and so on.

Under oil water separators, Industrial Separation Systems supplies VGS (Vertical Gravity Separator). The VGS effectively removes free oil, grease and suspended solids from wastewater and at the same time helps to reduce the frequency. The VGS oil water separator is a flooded system in which inlet and outlet columns forms a U-tube configuration such that the oil is trapped on one side of the main body while the cleaned water flows out of the other side.

Some of the applications of VGS include panel beaters, mechanical workshops, service stations, fuel depots, loading bays, auto dismantlers, radiator repairs and so on.

Industrial Separation Systems also supplies VGS grease separators which helps in on-site pre-treatment of greasy wastewater generated by the preparation of food. VGS grease separators continuously and effectively removes solid, emulsified grease, fats and oils from wastewater.

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