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Industrial Scientific launch CPS car park system

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Industrial Scientific  have launched the CPS car park system. The CPS is an 8-channel digital controller designed to regulate and monitor ambient air in underground parking facilities and tunnels.

The CPS car park system can be configured to monitor from 1 to 256 modules up to 3000 feet away from the controller with 6 ‘smart’ transmitter options. The CPS car park system provides the option of 4-relay or 8-relay output modules. Logic input and analogue output modules are also available for frequent monitoring of exhaust fan speeds. Several sensor options including CO, NO, NO2, CH4, LPG and H2 can monitor a wide range of hazards emitted by gasoline, natural gas, diesel-powered and electric vehicles.

The CPS uses digital communication, high-speed data treatment and smart monitoring of exhaust fans. These features provide improved air quality and increased safety. The CPS car park system is also faster than a conventional system. The CPR car park system can start or stop fans with maximum efficiency; providing significant savings in electricity expenses regardless of the facility’s size.

The CPS complies with the strict German regulation VDI2053 for use in underground parking garages. Compliance with other local regulations and cost-savings make the CPS a suitable monitoring system.

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