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Infrared cameras available from Industrial Precision Instruments

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Infrared cameras are gaining recognition as an effective way to discover potential problems before they happen.

Using heat anomalies, one can use infrared cameras to see unusual heat patterns on machinery and equipment.

In all plants there are diverse collections of equipment that can be successfully inspected using infrared thermography such as:

  • Mechanical Systems - Infrared cameras can detect heat anomalies, usually caused by friction due to improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components or mechanical loading anomalies.
  • Pipework and insulation systems - Abnormal heat patterns may indicate missing or deteriorated materials or improper installation.
  • Electrical systems - Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow can be discovered quickly and easily by infrared cameras and is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems.

Integrated into a maintenance program, or used on an as needed basis, infrared cameras can provide the organisation with a non destructive testing tool that allows user to evaluate the condition of the target while it is working.

This is particularly useful when the target is too hot to be touched, out of reach or the target is a moving part.

Where temperature is an integral part of the process, Infrared cameras can also be used for process monitoring, providing constant feedback.

Often used in the food and diary industries or as a safeguard against temperatures in a process going out of specification, infrared cameras can be set to raise an alarm if a temperature above a set point is recorded.

With over ten years experience in selling, servicing and using infrared cameras, Industrial Precision Instruments carries a wide range of infrared cameras, from general use cameras for the budget conscious, to high end cameras for professional thermographers.

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