Industrial Plastic Solutions Pty Ltd

Plastic fabrication, machining, point of sale display stands.


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07/02/07 - Industrial Plastic Solutions has launched a new plastic website, which features information about Engineering Thermoplastics, plastic bushes, plastic bearings, plastic machining, plastic welding and plastic fabrication.
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30/01/07 - Industrial Plastic Solutions can plastic weld Thermoplastics.
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30/01/07 - At Industrial Plastic Solutions to bend Acrylic a strip heater with an element running between two water-cooled tubes, made from stainless steel is used.
Supplier news
18/01/07 - IPS prides itself on quality machining of plastic components with a fast turnover time. Industrial Plastic Solutions new lathe ensures that tight tolerances are achievable, with a quality finish on all plastics.

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Industrial Plastic Solutions Pty Ltd (Head office) Update these details
Factory 20 29-39 Kirkham Rd West
VIC 3173
Tel: 03 9789 1153
Fax: 03 5940 1275

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