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Industrial Measurement Solutions  present Romer portable measurement arms designed for the manufacturing industry to inspect, measure or reverse engineer work pieces. Romer portable measurement arms are ideal for the automotive, aerospace or general industries.

The base of the arm is secured to a fixed location with a probe at the end that is moved to required locations and points which are recorded by pressing the button on the arm's handle. The probe's position is determined by high quality angle encoders.

These points are recorded by the software and used to determine dimensions such as length, radii, angles and more. Combined with a scanner, Romer portable measurement arms can record thousands of points per second to form a point cloud which can then be used to generate a 3D model in the software. These models can be directly compared to a CAD model.

Romer portable measurement arms come in the 73 and 75 model, featuring:

  • Absolute encoders - No need for initialisation
  • Portability - Wireless Wifi battery pack
  • Carbon fibre body - Lightweight and thermal stability without the need for warm up
  • Smart probes - No calibration needed
  • Ergonomic design - Patented infinite, continuous rotation
  • Sizes - 1.5m - 4.5m
  • Accuracy - up to 23 µm
Romer portable measurement arms provide convenience, an easy operation and an effective performance making them clear choices for manufacturing applications.

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