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Leica AT401 Laser Trackers from Industrial Measurement Solutions

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Industrial Measurement Solutions  introduces the Leica AT401 laser trackers in partnership with Leica Geosystems.  

AT401 laser trackers are a new line of advanced, robust and compact portable trackers that find use in diverse applications including aerospace, transport, general engineering and service companies.  

Leica laser trackers are portable coordinate measuring machines that use lasers and reflectors to wirelessly measure very large parts or structures to micron accuracy.  

Having revolutionised the quality inspection process, the laser trackers are used for applications such as 3D measurement, monitoring of structures and reverse engineering.  

Leica Geosystems is a world-leading provider of laser tracking systems, continuously improving their products through innovation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing companies.  

Major users of Leica laser trackers include the Aerospace, Automotive and Naval industries. The versatile design of the new Leica AT401 laser trackers expands their use to general industry and construction applications.   

Key features of Leica AT401 laser trackers

  • Weighs only 8kg
  • Compact and portable laser tracking device
  • Battery-operated laser trackers for enhanced mobility
  • IP54 certified for water- and dust-proof properties
  • Largest measuring volume of any tracker with a 320m range
  • Power Lock feature enables the beam to find the user and lock on to the reflector
  • Overview camera for online measuring
  • ATR or automatic target recognition for monitoring applications

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