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New rapid tooling technology - Lasercusing

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article image The latest development in rapid tooling, the Lasercusing.

CONCEPT Laser GmbH, represented in Australia by Industrial Laser Pty Ltd , has developed a new laser technology method called ‘Lasercusing’.

This method involves the fusion of single-component metallic powder materials by scanning laser, allowing the layer-by-layer construction of components from almost all metallic materials.

The metallic powder is completely fused, layer by layer, producing a stress-free, deformation-free, 100% density component.

Lasercusing builds upon the development of stereo lithography (in which a scanning laser creates parts from plastic resins) and laser sintering, in which a binding agent (typically copper) is mixed with metal powder to produce a metallic component.

By totally fusing 100% pure metal powder, the resultant component from Lasercusing has virtually the same mechanical characteristics as a part produced by conventional machining.

The difference is the ability to produce parts that are impossible by conventional means, in a much shorter manufacturing time and directly from a 3D cad drawing.

Lasercusing applications include the manufacture of injection moulding tools with contoured cooling ducts, producing a more productive tool with a lower cycle time. The machine’s uniform cooling also produces a higher quality component.

Measuring 42mm x 45mm x 95mm, the Lasercusing creates rapid component manufacture of complex 3D parts in metal for functional prototyping and for urgently needed low-volume parts.

The Lasercusing technology is suitable for the aerospace and medical industries.

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