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Laser markers from Industrial laser services

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article image Ez-Laser Lee laser markers

Industrial Laser Services  supply a number of Laser markers:

  • Lasit laser markers are suitable for engineering, promotional and in-line applications. Solid-state Nd:Yag, green & UV lasers are directed via galvanometric heads for indelibly marking and engraving metals and plastics. There are models to mark areas ranging from 80mm - 360mm in diameter, while the laser options are 7w - 150w.
  • Ez-Laser Lee laser markers are suitable for the production of rubber stamps and laser marking in anodised aluminium and the large range of laserable materials used in the trophy industry. They have an optional cut capability and can work areas of 900mm x 600mm. Their laser options are 25w, 60w and 100w.
  • Lightwriter laser markers are directed via galvanometric heads. They can be incorporated into custom-designed machines to suit a range of applications. They are suitable for high-volume small components requiring automated loading/unloading and also for large-scale components that are too large for off-the-shelf models. Their work area may be customised and they have laser options from 20w - 250w.

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