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Industrial Gaskets provides range of gasket and sealing products

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Industrial Gaskets  provides a range of gaskets, sealings, graphite products, expansion joints, fibreglasses products, ceramic products, washers, fibres and so on. Gasket and sealing products provided by Industrial Gaskets are widely used in many industries which include mining, oil, gas, defence, refining, electronic, petrochemical and in other engineering applications.

Gasket sheets from Industrial Gaskets are supplied in compressed fibre, chemical sheeting, high temperature sheeting and other sheeting. The MP4430 is a reliable gasket sheet suitable general service conditions within the manufacturing and production industry.

Industrial Gaskets provides a range of high temperature gaskets which include Graphite- 304SS Foil Insertion, Graphite- 304SS Tanged Insertion, Graphite- 316SS Foil Insertion, Graphite- 316SS Tanged Insertion and MICA.

The Graphite- 316SS Foil Insertion gasket is made of graphite sheet with stainless steel foil insertion adhesive and provides 99.8 percent purity.

Industrial Gaskets also provides a range of compression packings which include graphite packings, PTFE packings, fibre packings and carbon fibre packings.

Under graphite packing, Industrial Gaskets provides MP200- Graphite, MP4140- GFO, MP8005- Graphite, Valve Pac- Graphite Crinkle Tape and so on.

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