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Sorting system for fragile items from ICA

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Materials handling specialist ICA is providing a range of compact, customisable sorting systems suited to handling small, delicate or fragile items.

Items such as books, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, textiles, small parts of any kind, spare parts, packages, pharmaceuticals, shoes, magazines, postal items, courier envelopes etc can be sorted efficiently by Compact Sorter.

The Compact Sorter operates with high or low surface friction, while delivering a high output capacity of up to 12,000 items per hour. Adding to its efficiency are modern technologies to manage data and energy.

Based on the globally recognised technologies of FKI Logistex (a company with which ICA has developed a strong partnership), the introduction of the technology to the Australasian market is strengthened through the input of ICA’s technical design team that specialises in configuring customised solutions to any plant or warehouse.

Flexible configuration minimises space requirements. With a minimum footprint of only a few square metres, the Compact Sorter can be adapted to the most irregular spatial conditions.

The Compact Sorter comprises interconnected cross-belt units driven by linear motors travelling on an extruded aluminium monorail.

Two sizes of cross belt units are available, A4 or A3, which increases the sorter efficiency by matching to the items to be sorted.

Data transfer to and from each cross-belt unit is via an infrared communication system, while energy is transfer to each cross-belt unit via an Inductive Energy Transfer System (IETS).

Where space is restricted and extensive track length required, the extruded aluminium monorail can be configured to convey items vertically. This creation of multiple layers fully utilises the cubic space available.

Of assistance to postal centres, mail order companies, and some manufacturing applications, the Compact Sorter is ideal for warehouses and distributors processing items ranging in weight from 5 g to 5 kg.

Should the application require the sorting of larger items, increased weights or higher speeds then the FKIL S3000 Cross-Belt Multi Sorter is available for this purpose.

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