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Radial stacker with simplified design

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article image Uses standard components available in Australia.

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INDUSTRIAL Conveying Australia (ICA) has developed a radial stacker with simplified design and operation to suit applications in industries including wood chipping, mining, quarrying, rubbish, docks, fertiliser and agriculture.

The simplified design provides a lower unit cost and short delivery time. The system uses standard components available in Australia. It is not affected by parts delays like systems that rely on imported parts.

It has all the latest safety interlocks, pull cords and insulation switches. It can be programmed not to collide with mounds because sonic detection devices stop it from crashing into stockpiles

It travels radially and can lower to nearly horizontal and elevate to 35º even with a 40m boom length. Throughput can be as much as 2000t/h depending on how wide a belt is fitted. Only a reasonably smooth surface is required on which to operate.

The stacker can work on standard truck tyres or aircraft tyres and be hydraulically or electrically-driven (including the belt). Components used in each stacker can vary according to customer requirements. Paint finish can also be chosen.

The size of application is unlimited, allowing the radial stacker to be used in mining applications or in the stockpiling of bulky goods. A series of stackers can be operate in a chain so that each feeds the next.

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