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New spiral conveyor for food industry

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Materials handling original equipment manufacturer ICA has released to the market its spiral conveyor system made from food grade stainless steel specifically for applications in the food and beverage industries.

These spiral conveyors can be installed for cooling and setting in the food manufacture and processing industry, allowing an extremely efficient use of vertical space without sacrificing horizontal travel length or speeds.

In addition, the equipment can be used to hygienically and quickly transfer product between floors using only a small amount of floor space, says Industrial Conveyors .

The applicability and efficiency gained is ideal for almost every food industry process including baking, glazing, cooling, setting, defrosting, dairy, dehumidifying, chilling and freezing.

Facilitating continuous product flow, units are highly suitable for cooling and drying applications in controlled temperatures.

The stainless steel spiral conveyors allow precise set-up of travel speeds so that each unit of product arrives at the appropriate manufacturing process at exactly the right temperature and physical condition.

This travel speed is set in relation to temperature controlled drying and cooling times, so effectively a company does not have to specifically store product on shelving or massive bench tops while waiting for the curing process to complete.

Operating temperatures range from -40ºC to +250ºC; it is all pertinent to assembling appropriate components. For example, a stainless steel belt would be the choice for operating at temperatures of +250ºC.

It also works efficiently across the entire humidity spectrum - from completely saturated environment to that of low humidity. When required, stainless units can be given hygienic wash downs.

Designed to carry product between floors and machines, ICA spiral conveyors have a controlled slope for smooth transfer, are designed to suit individual products, can be assembled on site, can be gravity or powered systems, and are ideal for inline accumulation.

Modular in design (likened to the simplicity of a Meccano set), the system is quickly and easily installed regardless of the shape and size of premises.

For instance, one spiral conveyor system - a large double configuration - has been installed despite an ordinary size door being the only access point.

This installation took just one weekend; therefore it is clear that installation in difficult areas such as the centre of an existing production floor or building is no obstacle.

Units can join together for long holding time if the application requires this. At all times a first-in first-out configuration is possible. This allows different product to run at different speeds for different running times.

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