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Industrial Conveying Australia unveils conveyor system for logistics and transport sector

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Industrial Conveying Australia has brought to Australasia the FKI Logistex UniSort XV sliding shoe sortation conveyor for applications right across the logistics and transport sector, as well as second tier associated industries.

Designed to be integrated with FKI Logistex ancillary sortation equipment, the UniSort XV maximises transport with limited noise and efficient use of space.

IN conjunction with ICA’s technical consultancy based in Melbourne, UnisortXV technology can be configured to suit any size, shape and height of warehouse.

The markets served by the UniSort XV sorter are E-commerce, postal sector, express parcel delivery, third party logistics, retail distribution, warehouse and distribution and any other market serviced by the transport and logistics sector.

At a maximum speed of 3m/s (250 cartons per minute), the UniSort XV is a straight line sliding shoe sortation system that transports items on round tubes or flat slats guided by a track under the sorter bed.

Electrical solenoid-divert switches interrupt the track at predetermined points to release the needed shoes to divert the required package.

High operating efficiency is obtained by measuring the length of each individual item at induction and allocating the correct conveyor length thereby minimising space between successive items on the conveyor.

Able to be configured for optimal divert spacing, the modular design facilitates configuration of diverts to either side of the sorter bed, and a flexible layout with divert angles 20° and 30°.

Variable specifications include: standard widths of 560mm, 710mm, and 865mm, as well as custom widths, 0.75kW – 37kW motors, PLC or PC-Based BOSS control, customer service and support options, and running speeds of 1.3m/s to 3m/s in 0.25m/s intervals.

The UniSort XV represents the new in sliding shoe sortation conveyors from ICA and FKI Logistex.

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