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Industrial Conveying (Aust) Integrates Automated Guide Vehicles with Modular Process Line System

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Adaptable and modular materials handling system for production lines, Creform has been integrated with an automated guide vehicle system (AGV) for improved safety, speed and efficiency in material movement.  

Creform is exclusively handled in Australia by Industrial Conveying (Aust) .  

Battery-powered drive units following a magnetic tape guide path, Creform AGV systems simplify the more complex problems of material movement easily, consistently and economically.  

Drive units attach to vehicles that are built using the Creform pipe and joint system, or to existing carts such as those traditionally pulled by manned tuggers. Creform AGV drive units are also utilised in flexible production lines designed for building sub assemblies.  

Over 700 components and accessories are available from Creform, enabling automated guide vehicles to be designed and built using the Creform system to meet exact requirements with minimal overall costs.  

User-specific materials handling and processing designs can be engineered with the engineering expertise of Industrial Conveying.  

Key features of Creform automated guide vehicle system: 

  • Available in single and bi-directional units
  • Offer multiple speeds, a wide range of capacities and a choice of 12 or 24-volt battery systems
  • Easy to install and easy to modify when required
  • Supplied complete with integrated drive and steering motors, control circuit board and guide sensor
  • Drive units are easily removed when needs change and can be installed on new or modified vehicles providing flexibility
  • Creform’s 42mm pipe provides the strength for transporting heavy components while heavy-duty drive units provide the power to deliver them
  • Powered and un-powered roller beds provide efficient load transfers
  • Optical sensors, safety bumpers, lashing lights and audible warning devices available to meet AGV safety requirements
  • PLC controller can be used in conjunction with position feedback sensors and monitors for applications requiring multiple travel routes and/or complex traffic control
  • Creform BST uni-directional tugger provides economy, simplicity and flexibility to the AGV system’s installation and operation for added efficiency

The Creform BST drive unit follows a magnetic tape guide path and easily glides under stationary carts, engaging the cart by extending a catch pin into the cart’s frame.  

The BST unit then conveys the cart to load/unload points further along the guide path, retracts the pin to disengage from the cart, and is freed to travel to further points and move additional carts to other strategic locations.  

Creform BST system allows users to move multiple carts of similar designs, or a variety of carts, provided the undercarriages feature the BST interface.  

Creform magnetic guide path tape is available in straight rolls and curved sections. After the floor is cleaned this tape is easily laid down and can be coated with an epoxy finish for added durability.  

In-ground magnetic straps, 3/8" deep by 1/4" wide are available for high traffic areas with forklift traffic.

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