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ICA moves into beverage handling sector

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article image ICA has made a strategic move into beverage handling.

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PERPETUAL growth by materials handling specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd (ICA) now sees the company moving very strongly into the beverage industry.

It does so through three major capabilities: a huge range of off-the-shelf products and customisation capability, a series of strategic acquisitions and amalgamations, and an Australia-based engineering centre delivering world class solutions.

Key beverage sectors targeted include the dairy industry, soft drinks manufacture and handling, confectionery, wine and beer, spirits, and any others that require design and implementation to suit specific needs.

Managing Director, Mr Don Erskine, says the bold move by ICA into the beverage industry is a natural progression.

"For some time now, we have been able to grow not just because of our high-technologies but also because of a strong domestic presence and ability to deal directly with clients, thus eliminating the need for third-party input," said Mr Erskine.

"The beverage industry is a high output one and often deals with perishables, so required solutions can be urgent plus they need to be of extreme engineering accuracy to achieve the most productive output.

"ICA is structured to give the beverage industry turnkey solutions for just about all it materials handling needs.

"Not only is interest strong in Australia, the export market has seen what we can do and we are gaining momentum through enquiries from around the world."

Strategic acquisition and amalgamation has made a key contribution. For instance, ICA recently expanded its capabilities and increased its sales coverage by employing the majority of longstanding key personnel from W&D Engineering, a company that recently ceased its operations.

The calculated move gave ICA an instant increase in capability and depth right across the food and beverage industry as well as the agricultural and general bulk handling sectors.

The company's project turnkey capability has continued to develop with the establishment of an engineering design and development office in Melbourne, from where some of Australia's best CAD and CAE engineers engage their expertise.

The combination of this facility with the Bendigo design and project Engineering Group has placed ICA in a position where almost any product can be engineered as purpose specific and integrated into an overall materials handling system with any of the company's standard food and beverage handling products.

Standard technologies typically include knife edge conveyors, 90°/180° modular belting type conveyors, plastic modular belt type conveyors, and slat band conveyors.

ICA also designs, programs, installs and commissions the control systems and automation for these material handling projects.

"Just as the mining and quarrying sectors are benefiting by our presence, the beverage industry now has a one-stop shop for world-class materials handling system supply," said Mr Erskine.

"Not only do we have the range of products, we handle projects one-on-one with the client.

"There is now no need for any third-party engineering group to become involved, thus keeping the cost down and eliminating that extra step which always holds the potential to cause a communications gap."

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