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ICA designs and constructs customised sorting systems for all industries

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Materials handling specialist ICA , is now designing and constructing customised sorting systems for all industries, by integrating high-level technologies to meet urgent demands of the modern business world.

The development will suit all industries ranging from general materials handling to food and beverage, engineering, fast food, commercial goods and others.

ICA recognises that the internet has allowed clients of a business to make orders from anywhere at any time, and with an expectation of fast turnaround and delivery.

Specific difficulties arise, when outgoing pallets and skids contain different stock, a situation that has traditionally made sorting and despatch cumbersome and time consuming, due to lack of technological assistance.

But ICA’s technology has set the platform to rapidly exact all the necessary sorting before loading, so that the truck is easily routed on dispatch.

According to ICA, by linking up with other sorting system specialists in Australia and around the world, ICA is able to bring a whole range of equipment together that will handle anything from airports to overnight courier businesses, civil order picking, and general handling and dispatch.

By utilising RFID technology and tracking, and combining this with high bay warehouse systems provided by ICA, ICA can provide turnkey projects that are engineered specifically for each client’s unique requirements.

For example, a postal company could install a new sortation system, so that the 10,000 items per hour it handles are automatically selected, picked and delivered from the major warehouse to a degree of detail that suits individual order requirements.

ICA is able to solve many sortation problems and come up with modern solutions for almost any application across various markets including transport, food and beverage handling, retail, manufacturing and others.

For instance, a chain of supermarkets would require a range of different packaging sizes and quantities of deliveries to each store from a central warehouse.

A high-technology handling and sorting system allows picking and placing of individual items, so as to pack pallets according to the specific orders, and these are even arranged in specific positions to suit the delivery route of the truck.

Now with people ordering through the Internet, companies are potentially faced with orders from right around Australia and even the world, so there is greater belief that operators need fast, high-tech distribution systems to automatically select and sort the items.

The fast food industry is another good example of a business that sorts a multitude of items from one centralised distribution house.

During the delivery rounds, the truck needs to drop of different amounts to different stores. This is automatically organised by the sortation system, which optimises the truck loading sequence and routing.

Sortation is an area of logistics and distribution, which has been largely ignored by technology until now.

In particular, ICA has identified this sector as one to offer a large saving in the retail industry in the years to come, by integrating various technologies available from around the world.

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