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Materials handling specialist ICA has added to its base of sorting technology for companies in the Asia Pacific.

Industrial Conveying ’s, Carousel style sorting systems reliably and efficiently combines speed and accuracy to sort letters, bundles, processed foods, parcels, cartons or any packages by minimising the number of times a unit is handled manually.

This reduces the need for excess personnel, eliminates product damage and many of the mistakes that occur in manual systems.

ICA’s Carousel sortation handles any random mix of packages; it is not locked into repetitively sorting identical units. Thousands of different items can be conveyed and sorted concurrently with limited manual input.

The carousel sorting systems are predominately tilt tray or cross belt sorting systems which have a wide range of dimensional and system configuration capability which enables ICA to design, engineer and commission a Carousel style sorting system of any size or configuration according to specific needs.

A highly detailed computerised tracking system can locate any item during any stage of the sorting process.

Flexible engineering such as the ability to recirculate items while a destination is full eliminates the need to discharge an item prematurely and re induct when discharge is again opened which further reduces manual handling and any chance of accidental damage that can occur.

An innovative two tier discharge facility doubles destination capacity without any increase in floor space. Some ICA Carousel style sorting systems already installed have more than 750 destinations.

Flexible engineering also means that the Carousel style sorting system can operate in many different spatial situations: turning corners, elevating, descending and easily defying many architectural limitations.

The sorting system can even be incorporated to work with existing equipment.

This flexibility of engineering has also taken ergonomic concerns into account with specially designed operator systems that dramatically reduce head and body movement.

The elimination of any metal to metal contact surfaces, usage of noise abatement engineering design and materials means that the Carousel style sorting system easily meets all current noise regulations.

These two aspects dramatically reduce exposure to OH&S risks.

All Carousel style sorting systems are developed in consultation with client to find possible solutions to specific sorting problems.

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