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Automated Warehouse Trucks from Industrial Conveying (Aust) Removes Human Risk Factor from Forklift Function

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Industrial Conveying (Aust) is using its design-to-completion capabilities to fit out warehouses and processing plants with automated warehouse trucks (AWTs).  

Australian companies are initiating steps to reduce the number of accidents involving forklifts; arguably the best remedy is to remove forklift fleets altogether and replace them with an automated version that eliminates the human risk factor.  

Operating completely without driver assistance, automated warehouse trucks navigate using a laser guided or spot system.  

The laser guided system utilises a sensor on top of each truck that scans appropriately positioned reflectors to determine its position while it navigates and carries out inventory assignments.  

This technology is a fast tracked development in turnkey materials handling that has taken a step towards eliminating warehouse reliance on forklift truck fleets.  

The company’s expanded service capability will suit many industries including food and retail, warehousing and third party logistics as well as general engineering and transport.  

Since human intervention is taken out of the equation, an AWT-based system does not stop for lunch breaks, can work multiple shifts without tiring and improves overall OH&S as personnel involvement around these systems is far lower than with lift trucks.  

AWT technology performs the same functions but takes much of the human element out of the equation reducing the risk of accidental injury.  

At an operational level, automated warehouse trucks feature a ‘high lift’ option with a tri-lateral head allowing 180-degree rotation for fast access to all parts of a storage facility.  

Managing Director of Industrial Conveying, Mr Don Erskine says the introduction of AWT-based turnkey solutions coincides with the company’s general expansion around Australia.  

“Australian companies are genuinely looking for technical solutions to materials handling needs and our turnkey capability ensures they no longer have to look overseas for product, design and implementation.”  

Apart from increasing output and safety, AWT systems have a very short investment payback time and maintain a high level of work quality even on a 24/7 operation.  

The technology offers flexibility in application integrating with just about any warehouse management system.  

Counterbalanced vehicles can use various attachments including pallet forks, reel forks, reel clamps or reach forks.

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