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Industrial automation software tools from Industrial Automation Services

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Industrial Automation Services  provides many software tools for industrial automation which include Chatter Tools, MILLCHECK, Millcare, Millsim and so on. The different software tools from Industrial Automation Services can be used in various industrial automation operations like rolling mill performance auditing, remote monitoring of mills, simulation for flat rolling, coating and annealing and many more.

The MILLCHECK from Industrial Automation Services is a structured audit procedure which establishes mill performance benchmarks for existing or proposed equipment and products. MILLCHECK is modular and normally includes reviews of long term performance, analysis of setup models (rollgap models, tuning, adaption), analysis of dynamic thickness controls (system responses), analysis of shape control performance, mill mechanical check for stretch, hysteresis and eccentricity, review of operating practice and review of long term performance.

Apart from software tools, Industrial Automation Services also provides performance maintenance and consultancy services to the metal industry, rolling mills, annealing shops and coating lines. Industrial Automation Services success has a good expertise in rectifying a wide range of process performance problems at different mill sites all around the world.

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