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Cost-effective compressed air pipe system

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AUSTRALIAN made PE100 pipe for compressed air, available from Industrial Advantage , can save businesses money, both short term and long term.

The purchase cost of a new compressed air pipe system using PE100 polyethyelene is lower than the costs of traditional copper or galvanised steel pipe systems.

Modifications to a PE100 pipe system can be made in minutes, without the need to call in a tradesperson, but the biggest benefit is the long term cost saving.

PE100 pipe has a better coefficient than traditional metal pipes and, compared with galvanised steel, results in pressure drops being reduced by 40 per cent.

Pressure drops due to pipe friction are irrecoverable and increase power consumption due to extra workload on the compressor.

The fact that PE100 pipe will never rust, and is free of oil coatings, means less filtration of the compressed air is required and filter elements will last longer.

This pipe has a lifespan of fifty years, and can handle a constant pressure of up to 1600kPa.

PE100 pipe systems can be assembled using mechanical compression fittings, or two different types of polymer welded fittings.

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