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Industrea sells two underground long wall roof support carriers to new Mongolian client

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Industrea  has started the new financial year with a $2.5 million sale of two underground long wall roof support carriers to a new client in the thriving mining sector of Inner Mongolia.
These machines will be manufactured and supplied out of Industrea's subsidiary, Industrea Mining Equipment Limited (IME), based in Cardiff, New South Wales.

The new client - Inner Mongolia Mengtai Buliangou Coal Industry is a joint venture between Hua Dian Coal & Electrical Group and Men Tai Coal & Electricity Group and involves a mine which will produce 10 million tonnes of coal per year for local power stations with a further expansion of this group in 2009 year.

Inner Mongolia is becoming a strong growth area for Industrea with a new contract being negotiated by Industrea’s Beijing-based subsidiary, WADAM.

Inner Mongolia’s mining sector is rapidly expanding to meet greater Chinese demand with significant new mining leases being granted. Many of Industrea’s existing key Chinese Mining Bureau customers already have or are developing mining leases in Mongolia.

This new contract for Industrea follows on from an outstanding conclusion to the 2007/2008 financial year for the company, which announced a total of more than $20 million of new contacts in China in May and June.

Managing Director, Robin Levison, said the momentum developed by Industrea over the past 12 months with a steady flow of significant new contracts and clients was continuing into the new financial year.

“Demand remains strong for our mining safety and productivity equipment with Industrea now recognised as a global brand,” Robin Levison said.

“We are now a leading provider in this area for a wide geographical spread of customers including in Australia, Russia, South Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia.

“In China, Industrea has successfully established itself as a trusted name in the local mining industry where demand for our products remains undiminished.

“Industrea is recognised for its commitment to quality, in both our products and the service we provide to our clients.”

The underground long wall roof support carriers, developed by IME, are similar vehicles to those being delivered by Industrea to Anglo Coal for its Queensland mines.

  • US$2.5m sale of underground long wall roof support carriers
  • New client - Inner Mongolia Mengtai Buliangou coal industry
  • Mongolia mining sector booming to meet Chinese demand
  • Key Industrea clients have or are developing Mongolian mining leases
  • Industrea’s momentum of new contracts and clients continuing in new financial year
  • Maintaining strong level of demand for Industrea products including from China

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