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Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces from Inductotherm

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PV/T, a subsidiary of Consarc and a group company of Inductotherm Group, a global leader in induction technology brings precision engineering to Australia with its vacuum induction melting furnaces.  

While initially developed to meet specialised alloy requirements of certain industries, the Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) process is currently being used in the production of high performance materials for several industrial applications.  

VIM melted alloys are used in demanding applications and include nickel-based super alloys for high temperature applications, stainless steels for nuclear applications, cobalt-based alloys for medical applications, high purity copper alloys and very clean magnetic alloys for high permeability.  

Vacuum induction melting involves the melting of metals by means of electromagnetic induction in vacuum conditions. The melting takes place within a furnace consisting of a refractory lining or crucible inside a water-cooled induction coil.  

The furnace assembly is completely enclosed by a fabricated steel water-cooled furnace chamber that is evacuated by a series of vacuum pumps so that the charge is melted down, refined and poured into moulds under vacuum or inert gas.  

Small VIM furnaces

PV/T offers a range of VIM furnaces featuring 2kg-100kg (steel) melt capacity for use in small scale production or research applications.  

The vacuum induction melting furnaces are available in standard models as well as customised designs to suit individual customer requirements and applications.

The VIM furnace utilises a water-cooled vacuum chamber, providing optimum access for cold charging and servicing in a batch mode of operation.    

Auxiliary equipment in the chamber comes with standard and optional features for maximum flexibility and ease of operation:  

  • Bulk charging and fine alloy additions
  • Sample taking
  • Immersion thermocouple
  • Mould turntable/trolley for pouring multiple moulds in a single cycle
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Sight glass viewing port(s)
  • High vacuum pumping system
  • Optical pyrometer
  • Bridge breaker

Front-opening and top-opening configurations

Horizontal vacuum induction melting furnaces are available with a front-opening access door while vertical chamber configurations come with a top-opening lid.  

Batch or semi-continuous furnaces

The modular design enables batch VIM furnaces to be upgraded to a semi-continuous VIM or vacuum precision casting furnace with the addition of a mould chamber at a later date.  

Batch or semi-continuous configurations to suit process and specifications

VIM furnaces can be custom-designed and built to suit the customer’s process, alloys, specifications and desired annual tonnage.  

Options include multi-chamber, semi-continuous furnaces for large operations or cost-effective single chamber batch furnaces for smaller needs.  


PV/T VIM furnaces are designed for efficiency, easy operability, consistency and reliability to deliver maximum productivity. The rugged units can thrive in even the most demanding factory environment.  

Vacuum system design

Designed to provide consistent vacuum performance to suit individual process requirements, vacuum pumping systems incorporate oil sealed rotary pumps, dry pumps, roots blowers, oil boosters or oil diffusion pumps as required.  

Induction power equipment

Melting power is supplied from a solid state Inductotherm induction power supply and taken through the vacuum chamber by means of a vacuum sealed power feed through or power port assembly to the melting coil.  


Advanced PLC and PC SCADA controls accurately monitor and control the melting process in the vacuum induction melting furnaces while enabling extensive data acquisition of melt process parameters.

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