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Inductotherm proves that working smarter will help companies thrive in tough economic times

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article image Inductotherm, a leader in induction melting and heating technology

Australian manufacturers today are being faced with enormous pressure more than ever before - the robust Australian dollar, cheap overseas labour, cheap imports, chronic skills shortages and global economic crisis.

Inductotherm defies the current economic trend and proves that to survive, companies must be innovative.

"Yes, with Australian manufacturing economy sliding downwards and the strong Australian dollar (against the $US and Euro) making our costs higher, it can be difficult, but we’re here to stay," says Bill Henry, Managing Director of Inductotherm Group Australia.

A global, yet local approach
As a leader in induction melting and heating technology, Inductotherm leverages on their 43 years of industry experience to beat the odds.

Inductotherm offers a wide range of equipment for the thermal processing industry, including furnaces for melting metals from gold to steel and aluminium to zinc. The company also provides forging systems, annealing systems, welding systems, air and vacuum brazing systems, heat treatment systems, cap sealing systems, pipe heating systems and more.    

More recently, Inductotherm made the furnace for the Perth Mint so that they could make the world’s largest coin, weighing more than 1 tonne of pure 24k gold. 

About 20-30% of the company’s work is local, with exports throughout the world, mainly to South East Asia.

To control costs, Henry says the company imports equipment and sub-assemblies from sister companies in the US, UK, China, India, and even Turkey. As well as its Melbourne headquarters, Inductotherm has service experts in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Bangkok.   

Henry states that the support network and service are contributing factors to the company’s huge success.

"It’s the support that we can provide that makes our customers confident and is often the key to the project. Our goal is to grow, not just survive, and we are now trying to broaden our market. Induction heating is perfectly controllable to a place, temperature and time - a precision heating process that can be used time and again to minimise energy loss, reduce manufacturing time, and maximise productivity."

"We find new applications almost every day, and are willing to talk to anyone who needs some sort of thermal processing," concludes Henry.

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