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Inductotherm heavy steel shell induction furnaces

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Inductotherm ’s Heavy Steel Shell Induction Furnaces combine the exceptional strength of a rugged steel shell with ease of accessibility.

These Steel Shell induction furnaces combine stong power handling capabilities with the hoop strength and rigidity imparted by the furnaces' heavy rolled steel structure:

Steel Shell Induction furnaces feature:

  • Water-cooled leads that are protected from damage and permits hold power-on during pouring to maintain metal temperature provides more production and reliability.
  • Heavy-wall water-cooled induction coil to maximise power efficiency and strength.
  • Hydraulic tilting cylinders that are shrouded from dirt and metal splash provide a low maintenance system.
  • Tight-fitting, hydraulic lift-swing cover minimising heat loss offering high efficiency.
  • Heavy Steel Shell to provide maximum furnace rigidity and strength for long lining life, low noise and low EMF emissions.
  • Stainless steel cooling sections at top and bottom of the power coil providing uniform temperature gradient that extend refractory life.
Steel Shell Induction furnaces have many optional extras:
  • Push-Out Lining systems prevent coil damage from jack hammers and greatly reduces the labour and time required for periodic refractory lining changes. The lining push-out Improves working conditions and reduces foundry personnel exposure to refractory dusts.
  • Weigh-Frames are used to provide accurate charge weight to simplify charge calculations and transmit the weight back to optional automatic temperature/melt control computer systems.
  • Back-Slagging Feature, The feature is for fast, safe and easy removal of slag from the surface of the molten bath. Instead of manually lifting slag from the furnace (often associated with back injuries), the slag is simply raked of over a rear spout into a hopper. The furnaces are available to tilt back to 33° and forward to 95° tilt.
  • Pit-Guards provide protection against personnel accidentally stepping and falling into furnace pit.
  • Fume-Collectors and hoods are available in a wide variety of designs to compliment customers individual needs.
The Steel Shell induction furnaces are ideal for melting all metals, including silicon and provide excellent durability and superior performance.

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