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Inductotherm  manufactures high power-density induction slab heating systems that provide steel mill operators with technology for bringing even the largest steel slabs to the optimal temperature for rolling.

Induction slab reheating systems are designed to take over the slab heating process at the point in the thermal curve where gas-fired furnaces start to lose efficiency. Unlike gas, induction heating systems maintain their high efficiency throughout their operating range.

In a typical induction slab reheating operation, the slab is brought to 1000º C in a conventional gas-fired furnace, before moving into the induction system where it is raised to the precise temperature needed for rolling. Because induction heats the metal directly, this operation occurs quickly, increasing slab through-put and reducing scale formation.

Generally, induction-based slab reheating systems for steel mills require just 10% of the floor space needed for comparable gas-fired furnaces.

Induction Slab Heating features:

  • Quick slab heating throughput
  • High heating efficiency
  • In-line or oscillating heaters
  • Closed loop temperature control
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Worldwide service support
  • Reduced scale formation
  • Highly compact installations

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