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Inductotherm  present Inductoforge. These induction heaters feature a flexible, modular design that make it applicable across a wide range of requirements by allowing the addition or subtraction of power modules for future production needs.

Features of Inductoforge induction heaters include:

  • Power modules that are capable of running at a wide range of frequencies - 500- 6000Hz - with minimal change
  • Modules are individually controlled resulting in a finer and more accurate control of the billet temperature
  • Specialised induction coil design and minimal transmission bus achieve high efficiency
  • Heavy duty, single size forging coil consist of cast end boards, copper windings and long life removable liner for heating a wide range of billet diameters
  • IHAZ temperature profile modelling computer programs for advanced temperature controls
  • Heavy duty pinch roll and tractor chain drive infeed systems
  • Hot billet extraction runs at low maintenance operation
Induction heaters from Inductortherm provide a durable and reliable performance making them clear choices for induction heating applications.

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