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Induction furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals from Inductotherm

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Induction furnaces, available from Inductotherm , are fast and efficient in comparison to oil fired furnaces.

Induction furnace crucible life is three times longer and energy cost is typically 75% less than oil, depending on local prices. Metal loss during melting with induction furnaces is typically less than 1%, where fuel fired has 5%+.

Induction melting provides high quality castings and the high power density provides rapid melt down and short superheating times which greatly reduces gas pick up and oxide inclusion. Melt time takes only 15 to 30 minutes.

The inherent stirring action of induction furnaces guarantees a homogenous bath ensuring uniform chemistry and, of course, the ability to produce special alloys by the addition of alloys to your base metal. Induction furnaces have the ability to accurately control the temperature of the metal by means of the power control dial.

The Drop Coil Induction Furnace is a free standing unit that installs directly on the foundry floor. It is an alternative to the Push-Out style furnace when sub-surface conditions or foundation restrictions make it impractical to provide a pit for the furnace cylinder.

The body of the induction furnace is constructed of a single folded aluminium-alloy plate that provides a compact housing for both the cast refractory and the heavy duty power coil. Induction furnaces also feature a tapered coil that provides improved energy transfer and more even heating that extends the crucible refractory life.

When the charge in the furnace crucible has melted, the induction coil is lowered exposing the crucible holding the molten metal, thereby providing easy access for removal of the crucible. Coil movement is controlled by a hand lever operating pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders located within the side posts.

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