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Induction coils from Inductotherm

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Inductotherm  provide a series of speciality and induction coils for a variety of metals and materials processing. Inductotherm's design principles and proprietary custom extruded heavy wall coil tubing provide a durable, reliable and efficient performance.

Specialised coils from Inductotherm include:

Multi-zone induction coils

  • Varying the overall power level and amount of time power is switched to a particular zone of the coil during each power distribution cycle achieves a precise power input to each zone of the susceptor.
  • This is critical in graphite heating applications
  • Can be applied for precise zoned temperature control when matched with VIP multi-switch power supply systems
Specialty induction coils
  • Custom built to suit a variety of application demands
  • Applications include round, rectangular and pancake style designs
  • Specialty coil designs for elbow heating
Advanced induction coil insulation
  • Vacuum induction furnace coils are coated with Inducto-Flex 2 coil insulation
  • Strong mechanical properties for durability, heat and abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • Flexibility allows the insulation to move with the coil as it expands and contracts so that it resists cracking and splitting
For a wide, versatile range of induction coils and coil applications, Inductotherm provide products that are durable, reliable and ideal for heavy duty applications.

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