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MAGNETICSEPARATION is an Australian-based subsidiary of Indertek Pty Ltd that services the grain and food industry. They specialise in the removal of tramp iron from all types of materials.

The grate magnet separator removes tramp iron particles from free-flowing materials. This prevents damage to expensive plant machinery and guarantees an iron-free final product.

A permanent magnetic grate separator placed in a free falling stream of contaminated material can remove even the finest of iron particles.

The grid configuration of the high-powered Neodymium Iron Boron magnet (NdFeb. rare earth) rods provides maximum contact with the material so the tramp iron can be extracted and retained to the grate.

Each magnetic grate is custom made to suit each application, thus providing every industry with the most efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly system.

Features include:

* Standard grate magnets to fit specifications.

* Custom made self cleaning grate magnets made to order.

* Probe magnets to suit any application.

* Plate magnet in gravity feed shoots.

* In-line magnetic arrays for high and low pressure piping.

* Motorised barrel grates for high viscous and sticky materials

For those looking for a low-cost, reliable and experienced magnetic separator specialist, contact Indertek. Their rapid appraisal and implementation of any magnetic separation needs would involve customers providing:

* Dimensions of the area in which the grate is to be installed.

* Type of material to be processed and amount/quantity.

* Estimated amount of tramp iron to be expected from processing.

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