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Power electronics solutions supplied by Indcontrol Electronics

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Indcontrol Electronics  was established in the year 1992 and since then servicing and designing power electronics and industrial controls solutions. Indcontrol Electronics is a authorised repairer for many of Australasia suppliers of power systems, major telecommunications and manufacturing businesses. Indcontrol Electronics offers innovative solutions in power electronics and industrial controls.

Indcontrol Electronics’ team has proven troubleshooting skills of analogue and digital circuits which ranges up to the component level. Indcontrol Electronics has the required infrastructure and facilities to repair more than 5000 power supplies per year. Apart from analogue and digital circuits, Indcontrol Electronics provides its expertise services to many other equipment and PCB repairs.

Indcontrol Electronics provides tight control over repair, purchases and storage processes. Indcontrol Electronics has a logistic management process for Australia-wide receipt and dispatch of equipment and parts. With the help of Indcontrol Electronics power electronics and industrial control services, customers can feel secure in the knowledge it provides.

Indcontrol Electronics performs all the repair functionalities in modern, well equipped and secure premises. Some of the major customers of Indcontrol Electronics include Alcatel, Fujitsu, Invensys, Optus, Powerware and so on.

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